How do you Create Value?

In order to create value you have to understand how a buyer thinks. The buyer’s formula for determining the relative value of two competing service offerings  is:  Relative Value = (P + S) x (PV) A consumer decides to buy or not buy a service by intuitively calculating the relative value of the different services […]

The Big Three Explained

I firmly believe that most people make life way too hard.  Over the years I have learned that simpler is better, faster, easier and much less stressful. Research has shown that trying to cover too much material in a lecture leads to less understanding. Too much too fast leads to superficial memorization rather than deep […]

The Third Act for Pharmacy

There is a compelling set of reasons why I believe that the next wave of change in the healthcare system is going to swing back in favor of the Independent Pharmacy providers. Check out my reasoning in this 6 minute video. If you would like to download my White Paper, The Third Act for Pharmacy […]