The Four P’s of Marketing

A lot of people think of marketing as strictly advertising, and it’s not.  Have you heard of the four P’s of marketing? You have to get all four of these right– product, package, positioning, and promotion – and get it all together so that it’s promoted well and it’s the right product for the right […]

What is your Command Intent?

Command intent is a concept I borrowed from the United States Army.  This is an important issue in management, especially in my experience in chain drug management and corporate management.  The most difficult thing to do once you have made a decision is communicating so that all of your employees can take action in a […]

The I-Tribe Practice of Pharmacy

The new issue of the Journal of the American Pharmaceutical Association just came out this week with a special section devoted to to innovations in pharmacy practice. Check out the link below to find a really thought provoking article on a new model for the practice of community pharmacy called the, I-Tribe. Check out the […]