Are your customers satisfied?

heated_argument_pa_150_clr_4856There is an old adage that says, “The customer is always right.” But there is one problem with this concept.

Its not true. I can think of hundreds of customers that have not only been not right but they have been dead wrong.

So if you tell your team that the customer is always right and they know the isn’t true what good does that do you?

I believe in a much more defensible customer service strategy.  i believe that the correct phrase to rally around is simply, “The customer is always our customer.”

I know that is kind of stupid sounding but let me explain.

As a business owner I don’t really care if the customer is always right. What I do care about is that I have enough paying customers in order to stay in business. What the customer is always the customer means to me is, “I don’t care if the customer is right or wrong, It is your job to retain them as a paying customer.”

Even if they are mean, or angry or grouchy, find a way to get them to continue to be a loyal customer of my business. Without customers none of us would have a job.

No employee has the right to chase off a customer. That privilege only rests with the boss and should only be exercised when the person is dishonest, unethical or a danger to your safety. Otherwise find a way to make them love you.

Most of your competitors don’t have the skill to attract high need customers. These can be some of your most fiercely loyal and engaged patrons if you can solve their problems and get them to become and advocate rather than a pain in the rump.