What are the top three attributes of a pharmacist?

What are the attributes of a pharmacist that cause an employer to want to hire him or her? Throughout the academic experience of earning a doctor of pharmacy degree students are continually challenged to improve their clinical skills. They must learn clinical guidelines, patient assessment, patient monitoring parameters, and basic diagnostic criteria for key diseases. […]

Educate Don’t Sell

Educate Your Customers One of the keys to growing a profitable pharmacy related business is learning how to expand your revenue. It is not always about attracting new customers. Obviously more customers should lead to higher sales. But if you focus all of your attention on finding new customers you will actually be missing the […]

Shameless self-promotion is not a bad thing!

As a Pharmacist do you want to be compared to Paris Hilton? Self-promotion comes in many forms and you can use different tactics to get your name out there. Look at politicians! Talk about self-promotion and in some not so discreet ways, at that. But, seriously, consider some of the major superstars we all know. […]

Value is the Answer #rethinkpharmacy

I have been harping on Value as they gateway to survival in the profession of pharmacy for the past 6 years. I have been teaching my students that if they don’t create value they are likely to become obsolete.  I have been badgering the Center for the Advancement of Pharmacy Education to include value creation […]

Get Your Head Out of Your Assumptions

What if everything You Assumed Was True Wasn’t? How would that impact the results of your strategic decisions? When an individual or a business operates under a set of assumptions, those assumptions are always subject to a potential parallactic effect. The Parallax A parallax is a phenomenon originally discovered by astronomers where the apparent position […]

How to Turn a Small Start-up in to a Big Business

This is a reprint of an article I originally wrote for the Exclusive Series on Multibriefs.com. It appeared on June 12, 2014. This story is an attempt to explain to entrepreneurs how to avoid the common mistakes that cost many new business owners dearly. ORIGINAL POST The Wine Trip On a particularly lovely spring afternoon, […]

Prescription Errors Come in Three Types

This is a reprint of an article I originally wrote for the Exclusive Series on Multibriefs.com. It first appeared on April 18, 2014. It discusses the issue of prescription errors and the processes by which they occur. It also warns employers not to misinterpret the results of their investigation. ORIGINAL POST The Error of Misinterpreting Errors […]

The Ten Things… (Reidsville, NC: Alchemy publishing Group Llc., 2014)

The Ten Things a New Manager Must Get Right From the Start!

is the latest title in the Management and Leadership Simplified Series and is scheduled to launch on September 5th, 2014. newcover.indd

This book is designed to help a person go from getting promoted to actually doing a good job as a manager. Imagine that you get called in to the office on Friday and your boss offers you a promotion that will begin Monday. After the initial excitement comes that moment of doubt when you think to yourself, “what do I have to do right to make this work?”

This new book is designed so that you can download it Friday Night and be ready to excel by Monday morning.  It is a quick read that helps you focus your mindset in the proper way to be able to win the respect and admiration of your new work team.

Of course if you are already a manager this book can still help you re-focus your mind on the truly important things that are going to dramatically impact your ability to create a high performance team.


What Keeps Them Working For You?

Pay is All That Matters…Or Is It? Having been in management since 1978, I have attended hundreds of meetings dealing with employee retention issues. The debate has raged for years about what the biggest drivers of satisfied employees are. Most people default to pay as being important, which it obviously is, but it does not […]