My Pharmacist Cares Why Isn’t He a Provider of Care?

The Reason I Get Apoplectic over Bureaucracy What would you think if the federal government told you that professional baseball players were not athletes even though they make their living performing athletic feats? What if the federal government told you that plumbers were not plumbers even though they make their living fixing your plumbing? What […]

The Challenge for Hospital Based Pharmacy Practice

The History of Hospital Pharmacy Somewhere between 1980 and now, the practice of hospital pharmacy¬†drastically changed from being a profit center in hospitals to becoming a cost center. This has made it very difficult for Pharmacy Directors to bargain for the resources they need. The negative consequences of DRG The simple act of bundling payment […]


I believe that Seth Godin’s view that Tribes will replace traditional mass marketing as the dominant sales driver of the 21 st century is spot on. I believe that a pharmacist can develop their own tribe and use that tribe to provide income in an area of their specialty.

The Time Warrior

This book is short, to the point and a great way to think about managing your time. If you are tired of all these elaborate systems and checklists you just might find this a great read.

I found that Chandler’s approach to becoming a Time Warrior was exactly what I needed to focus on getting the right things done.

Time Warrior: How to defeat procrastination, people-pleasing, self-doubt, over-commitment, broken promises and chaos