Now more than ever Value is the answer!

The National Affordable Care Act affectionately (Derogatorily?) known as ObamaCare has not exactly achieved the great benefits it was supposed to provide. Regardless of your political party affiliation or personal desire for a national health care plan the reality is that this bill was passed by  questionable means and was deceptive in the way it […]

Watch Those Negative Behaviors

This is a reprint of an article I originally wrote for the Exclusive Series on It first appeared on May 1, 2014. It is talking about the ten negative behaviors that you can easily use to spot employees that either need to get better or need to go. ORIGINAL POST Expectations versus Reality As […]

How to be a good pharmacist

This is a reprint of an article I originally wrote for the exclusive Series on It originally appeared on June 2 , 2014. It is my simple take on the three things you need to be able to do to be a good pharmacist. ORIGINAL POST Clinical Guidelines or Not That is the Question […]

Three Ways to Kill Your Pharmacy Business

This is a reissue of an article I originally wrote for the Exclusive Series on It appeared on April 7, 2014.  It is a simple description of the reasons why many pharmacies fail to thrive. ORIGINAL POST The More things change the more they remain the same When I started in pharmacy in 1975, […]

The Secrets of Successful Leadership

This is an article I wrote for the Exclusive Series on It originally appeared on June 25, 2014. This article explains the three modes of leadership that a successful leader has to master in order to become a great success. These principles are explained in great detail in , The Bosshole Effect. ORIGINAL POST […]

Is Clinical Pharmacy the Answer?

This is an interesting article from my Exclusive Series on which appeared originally on July 11, 2014. It is a discussion of the struggle our profession has endured in describing ourselves. The terminology has changed over the years but at the end of the day our mission hasn’t changed . Original Post From Multibriefs: Exclusive […]

The Big Three Ideas

Difficult decisions should be broken down into their simplest form. I firmly believe that most people make life way too hard.  Over the years I have learned that simpler is better, faster, easier and much less stressful. Research has shown that trying to cover too much material in a lecture leads to less understanding. Too […]

This was a fun conversation with Doctor Rose on his syndicated radio Program. I can’t believe the hour went by so fast. We basically discussed my Book, The Bosshole Effect” .


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The Nine Essential Skills For Professional Business Success

Professional Business Skills But Only the Good Stuff There is lots of stuff floating around in the ether about how to run a business. There is very little content that is focused on making this easy to understand. Have you ever read a business book or article and said, Now what do I do?  The […]

The Third Act for Pharmacy?

The future of pharmacy practice will depend on the independent practice of pharmacy. By independent I am not speaking strictly about the traditional independent drug store. I am speaking about each individual pharmacist learning how to independently generate their own successful career. During the next 20 years the industry forces have aligned in such a […]