The Future of Your Profession

The future of professional practice will depend on the independent practice of the professions. By independent I am notspeaking strictly about the traditional independent drug store. I am speaking about each individual pharmacist or healthcare practitioner learning how to independently generate their own successful career. During the next 20 years the industry forces have aligned […]

The BossHole Effect

The Bosshole Effect Booknewcover.indd


#1 Bestselling Author Reveals the Real Reasons Why Most Managers Suck at Managing People. Learn the Three Simple Steps that Will Instantly Make You a Better Leader!

  • Follow these simple strategies to obliterate the stress of managing employees and become the kind of boss or supervisor that people would pay to work for.
  • Thousands of readers have discovered how they can learn to turn a dysfunctional assemblage of employees in to a highly effective team.

I thought it was going to be full of technical jargon, but found it to be a very informal and enjoyable read. Piaras O Cionnaoith| 12 reviewers made a similar statement

This book really helped me to see what a leader is, not just a boss, but someone that is respected by those they work with. Maege M| 7 reviewers made a similar statement

He does all this with a wit and wisdom that can only come from the voice of experience. J. E. Watson| 5 reviewers made a similar statement

The ability to manage people is what will dictate your level of success. The BossHole Effect is the powerful capacity of a bad supervisor to suck the joy, energy, enthusiasm, and greatness out of any organization. You can learn how to build a championship caliber team in the next ten days by reading one chapter per day.
The Five Reasons You Will Love This People Skills Book

  1. Easy to Read and Jargon Free with Short, Focused Chapters
  1. Simple Action Steps You Can Take Right Away to  Improve Your Ability to Manage People Effectively Even if You are a First Time Manager.
  1. Practical Tips From a Person with 35 Years Experience as an Owner, Manager, Boss and Supervisor
  1. Excellent for New Managers, First time Managers and Experienced Managers Alike Who Need help Learning how to manage employees.
  1. Unique Content Not found in any other People Skills Book

Ultimately your success as a leader will be based on knowing how to manage people. 

The three leadership qualities described in this business skills handbook will dictate your success at team building to create an effective team. While there are a variety of management styles  these core leadership qualities will make the difference between becoming a good boss or a boss hole. If you wish to excel in business management and leadership positions you will need to learn and practice these core leadership skills every day. Essentially these core people skills become the life skills that will propel you to high performance management of a successful business team.

In addition if you are stuck working for an asshole boss this book will help you learn how to not be that guy and even pick up a few tips on how to deal.

Here are the passages that have been highlighted the most often by Kindle Readers

Talent comes from DNA and is about potential. Ability comes from practice and is about performance. 11 Highlighters


When rewards are given without effort being required, the unmistakable message is that effort is not required. 9 Highlighters


That what they do is important, That they’re good at it and That the boss values their contributions to the team. 8 Highlighters


The reality is that if you are not getting better at what you do, you are losing ground to your competition. 7 Highlighters


Great leaders succeed when they surround themselves with good people and let them do their jobs. 6 highlighters

 Available in Kindle and Paperback formats


What is the Value of a Customer?

What is the value of a customer to your business and just how do you calculate it? It really depends upon your Business Model but let me give you an example from the Pharmacy business. Retail Community Pharmacy Example In my area the average customer purchased 6 prescriptions per month at an average retail value […]

Big Business is not always smart business

The successful entrepreneur asks one key question every day at every opportunity. How can I get this done without spending any of my own time or money? As a corollary to this essential theme, the follow-up question is, if I have to spend my resources, how can I: Spend as little as possible Spend someone […]

Successful Business Practices Tip #2

Provide Value to the Customer The product or service that your business sells must add value to the customer or it will cease to exist. This value can be financial, emotional, and spiritual or anything the customer perceives to be important. If you are not sure what I mean then just think about this for […]

Successful Business Practices Tip #1

Focus on Value Not Profit Focus your daily decisions on the creation of value for your stakeholders not on profit for your business. This may seem counter-intuitive but the most profitable businesses focus on value not profits.  A Profit Mindset Leads to Loss If every decision, every action, and every direction that you choose is […]

Have you read your mission statement lately?

Almost every business and all public companies post a public mission statement. The real problem is that their business practices don’t necessarily align with their stated mission. Making a mission statement is not hard. But building a mission statement that is well thought out and defines a bonafide value strategy becomes a little bit tougher. […]

This was a television Interview I did a while back with the television program America Now. I would like to give a shout out to Wingate Pharmacy in Wingate North Carolina for letting us film in their store.

Date: September 1, 2013
Appearance: America Now TV Appearance
Outlet: America Now with Leeza Gibbons
Location: Charlotte, North Carolina
Format: Television

The Four P’s of Marketing

A lot of people think of marketing as strictly advertising, and it’s not.  Have you heard of the four P’s of marketing? You have to get all four of these right– product, package, positioning, and promotion – and get it all together so that it’s promoted well and it’s the right product for the right […]