Shameless self-promotion is not a bad thing!

As a Pharmacist do you want to be compared to Paris Hilton? Self-promotion comes in many forms and you can use different tactics to get your name out there. Look at politicians! Talk about self-promotion and in some not so discreet ways, at that. But, seriously, consider some of the major superstars we all know. […]

Get Your Head Out of Your Assumptions

What if everything You Assumed Was True Wasn’t? How would that impact the results of your strategic decisions? When an individual or a business operates under a set of assumptions, those assumptions are always subject to a potential parallactic effect. The Parallax A parallax is a phenomenon originally discovered by astronomers where the apparent position […]

How to Turn a Small Start-up in to a Big Business

This is a reprint of an article I originally wrote for the Exclusive Series on It appeared on June 12, 2014. This story is an attempt to explain to entrepreneurs how to avoid the common mistakes that cost many new business owners dearly. ORIGINAL POST The Wine Trip On a particularly lovely spring afternoon, […]

Is Clinical Pharmacy the Answer?

This is an interesting article from my Exclusive Series on which appeared originally on July 11, 2014. It is a discussion of the struggle our profession has endured in describing ourselves. The terminology has changed over the years but at the end of the day our mission hasn’t changed . Original Post From Multibriefs: Exclusive […]

The Big Three Ideas

Difficult decisions should be broken down into their simplest form. I firmly believe that most people make life way too hard.  Over the years I have learned that simpler is better, faster, easier and much less stressful. Research has shown that trying to cover too much material in a lecture leads to less understanding. Too […]

The Only Question that Matters

There is only one way you can control your own destiny and remain gainfully employed for your entire career.  you have to be able to answer the question I ask in this video correctly. if you can’t then you need to learn how. Do you have 3 minutes to learn how to avoid making the […]