Medipreneurs 2018

If you would like to find out how creative pharmacists are carving out successful niche business practices then you should attend the Medipreneurs Conference in April 2018 This organization was co-founded by three awesome pharmacists who have developed their own unique spin on the business of pharmacy. And I am both excited and energized by […]

Value is the Answer #rethinkpharmacy

I have been harping on Value as they gateway to survival in the profession of pharmacy for the past 6 years. I have been teaching my students that if they don’t create value they are likely to become obsolete.  I have been badgering the Center for the Advancement of Pharmacy Education to include value creation […]

The Ten Things… (Reidsville, NC: Alchemy publishing Group Llc., 2014)

The Ten Things a New Manager Must Get Right From the Start!

is the latest title in the Management and Leadership Simplified Series and is scheduled to launch on September 5th, 2014. newcover.indd

This book is designed to help a person go from getting promoted to actually doing a good job as a manager. Imagine that you get called in to the office on Friday and your boss offers you a promotion that will begin Monday. After the initial excitement comes that moment of doubt when you think to yourself, “what do I have to do right to make this work?”

This new book is designed so that you can download it Friday Night and be ready to excel by Monday morning.  It is a quick read that helps you focus your mindset in the proper way to be able to win the respect and admiration of your new work team.

Of course if you are already a manager this book can still help you re-focus your mind on the truly important things that are going to dramatically impact your ability to create a high performance team.

Three Ways to Kill Your Pharmacy Business

This is a reissue of an article I originally wrote for the Exclusive Series on It appeared on April 7, 2014.  It is a simple description of the reasons why many pharmacies fail to thrive. ORIGINAL POST The More things change the more they remain the same When I started in pharmacy in 1975, […]

My Pharmacist Cares Why Isn’t He a Provider of Care?

The Reason I Get Apoplectic over Bureaucracy What would you think if the federal government told you that professional baseball players were not athletes even though they make their living performing athletic feats? What if the federal government told you that plumbers were not plumbers even though they make their living fixing your plumbing? What […]

This was a fun conversation with Doctor Rose on his syndicated radio Program. I can’t believe the hour went by so fast. We basically discussed my Book, The Bosshole Effect” .


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Date: October 1, 2013
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If I come up with a great Business Idea won’t someone just rip off my idea and do it better?

The answer to the headline question really has two parts. If you come up with a successful idea competitors will try to copy you. That is the reason why I encourage you to develop a professional service rather than a professional product. You could develop your own product, the problem with that is typically it […]

Business Drives the Economy Entrepreneurs Create Businesses Businesses Employ People

I am always amazed that good people who share such strong values and care deeply about our country find so many ways to disagree and fight with each other. It is virtually impossible to have an honest discussion of anything considered to be in the realm of politics that doesn’t instantly devolve in to demeaning […]