Freedom is the Solution

If you listen to Talk radio or watch the television News programs you hear an awful lot of whining and complaining these days. The Left blames everything on the Right. The Right blames everything on the Left . Some group is always mad about something and they believe they are the only ones in the world with a problem.  But yesterday I heard a foreign minister from the Euro zone go on TV and actually blame all the problems in Europe on American Capitalism.

Basically this knucklehead’s point was that if America hadn’t been so prosperous and raised the standard of living bar for the world, they wouldn’t have been forced to spend money that they don’t have. And his solution of course was that America should pay the Euros a success tax to fund their societies.

Well this is not a political blog and I am not going to go down that path because Politics divides people. My mission here is to unite those of you who want to prosper in business and it doesn’t matter to me what your political affiliation is.

But here is my long winded point, All of the wealth of this nation developed because of the efforts of small business entrepreneurs. Even those business that are now big started out in the minds of an individual. When you consider that all government jobs are funded with tax dollars, and most tax dollars are generated from business activity, virtually every job in America is being funded by small businesses. Even though some small business eventually become big.  Apple for example started out in a garage with Jobs and Wozniak as underfunded dreamers with an idea. Applie is not one of the largest companies in the world.

The prosperity of this nation developed because of freedom. The freedom to choose our own path, to own our own property, and to pursue our own dreams. These are Freedoms most of the world’s inhabitants do not have.  Rather than bicker about politics.

The debate between Socialism/Communism  and Capitalism is not a philosophical one. These two schemas are diametrically opposed concepts of freedom. Socialists believe that the rights of the group supercede the rights of the individual. Socialists believe they have the right to tell you what to do, what to be , and how to be it.

Capitalists believe that the individual’s rights supercede those of the mob. An individual should be free to set their own course, decide how to spend their own money and decide whether to share it with others.

This battle is going to intensify over the next few years and it is time to make your choice and take a stand.

I personally come down on the side of more freedom but I believe that you are free to disagree, just not demand that I pay you for the priviledge of disagreeing with me.

As a business owner you will be faced with employees who don’t get it. So you will need to read my next post about the Three Kinds of People in the World

And in a fit of anger I whipped up this little video example of what happens when regulations exceed the level of sanity as they often do.  Clearly there has to be a balance between protection of the public interest and squashing the economic engine that builds prosperity.

If you believe in small business you will get a kick out of this.