If you have a group of pharmacists interested in learning how to take charge of their careers and achieve long term success in the profession then I have a powerful energetic presentation for you.

I understand the challenge of finding the right speaker for your event. In my long career I have spoken to as few as 25 people and to crowds well over a thousand. I learned a valuable lesson when I was the corporate training manager for the professional division of the Sav-on Drug company. In academia people will sit through a boring lecture because they feel like the have to. In business this is not true. Half the room will clear out by the morning coffee break if you are not providing value to your audience.

Topics Ready to go

  1. How to be the World’s Best Pharmacist.
  2. How everything they taught you in school about how to be successful is wrong!
  3. Three simple mistakes that are undermining your success.
  4. How to protect your pharmacy business from extinction.
  5. The Five Secrets to Pharmacy Business Success.

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Greg L. Alston is an author, educator, pharmacist and entrepreneur with 35+ years of experience as a drugstore operator and owner. He helps pharmacists to develop and implement value strategies that will generate new revenue, cut expenses, increase profits and build equity while making pharmacy enjoyable again.

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