Successful Business Practices Tip #1

Focus on Value Not Profit Focus your daily decisions on the creation of value for your stakeholders not on profit for your business. This may seem counter-intuitive but the most profitable businesses focus on value not profits.  A Profit Mindset Leads to Loss If every decision, every action, and every direction that you choose is […]

If I come up with a great Business Idea won’t someone just rip off my idea and do it better?

The answer to the headline question really has two parts. If you come up with a successful idea competitors will try to copy you. That is the reason why I encourage you to develop a professional service rather than a professional product. You could develop your own product, the problem with that is typically it […]

Business Drives the Economy Entrepreneurs Create Businesses Businesses Employ People

I am always amazed that good people who share such strong values and care deeply about our country find so many ways to disagree and fight with each other. It is virtually impossible to have an honest discussion of anything considered to be in the realm of politics that doesn’t instantly devolve in to demeaning […]

How do you Create Value?

In order to create value you have to understand how a buyer thinks. The buyer’s formula for determining the relative value of two competing service offerings  is:  Relative Value = (P + S) x (PV) A consumer decides to buy or not buy a service by intuitively calculating the relative value of the different services […]

The Third Act for Pharmacy

There is a compelling set of reasons why I believe that the next wave of change in the healthcare system is going to swing back in favor of the Independent Pharmacy providers. Check out my reasoning in this 6 minute video. If you would like to download my White Paper, The Third Act for Pharmacy […]