Successful Business Practices Tip #1

Focus on Value Not Profit Focus your daily decisions on the creation of value for your stakeholders not on profit for your business. This may seem counter-intuitive but the most profitable businesses focus on value not profits.  A Profit Mindset Leads to Loss If every decision, every action, and every direction that you choose is […]

How do you Create Value?

In order to create value you have to understand how a buyer thinks. The buyer’s formula for determining the relative value of two competing service offerings  is:  Relative Value = (P + S) x (PV) A consumer decides to buy or not buy a service by intuitively calculating the relative value of the different services […]

What is a clinical pharmacist?

Just what exactly is the definition of a clinical pharmacist? this term seems to be something like the term professional. A lot of people use the term but never define it. When questioned you usually get an answer something like this, “I know one when I see one” So let me give you something to […]

The Only Question that Matters

There is only one way you can control your own destiny and remain gainfully employed for your entire career.  you have to be able to answer the question I ask in this video correctly. if you can’t then you need to learn how. Do you have 3 minutes to learn how to avoid making the […]