The Angry Pharmacist…Is this the image we want?

The Angry Pharmacist…Is this really the image we want to portray?

There are a few blogs out there like,  the Angry Pharmacist,  that reflect the raw anger many pharmacists feel at what they perceive to be the unfair treatment we receive at the hands of the health care system.  While I certainly understand, and in many instances, have felt that anger, I am not sure that cursing and dropping “F” bombs on the internet is the best way to help our cause.

If this anger and ranting occur behind closed doors and out of public view, it probably helps release some of the tension that gets built up during a particularly grueling day.  I have written many a scathing letter and found the exercise quite cathartic. And I am certainly no saint when it comes to use of off color language. But experience has taught me that “Rants” rarely become positive public relations. So please be wise enough not to mail those nasty letters or post them in public view.

If you are trying to grow your business you want to be perceived as a community leader and trusted professional, not as a whining, foul-mouthed jerk.  The intent of this website is, not to become another source of whining discontent, but to become a place to celebrate the success of community practice pharmacists. In the end if we emulate the successes, I believe we will overcome the political and regulatory hurdles to prosperity.

We are not going to outspend and out finance those who generate most of this anger and resentment. Therefore we need to win the hearts and minds of the public to earn our victories, one patient at a time. Nasty negativity does not win friends. Please don’t be an Angry Pharmacist. Learn to be a Good Pharmacist.