Can you Find the Ideal Job?

The Ideal Job Does Not Exist

The final days of professional school are a blend of excitement and fear. Graduates are excited to stop taking classes and start doing something useful. And yet they have a lingering fear of the unknown until they finally confirm that they have a real job offer. It is both a scary and exhilarating time.

But the world has changed. Massive sign-on bonuses have dried up and the competition for jobs has accelerated. So here is my first tip for new graduates seeking their first job.

Stop worrying about trying to find the perfect job.

It is highly likely you will change jobs in the first three years. You do not need to make the perfect choice. You just need to find a good job and treat that job as if it was your perfect job.

Let me explain what I mean. Most people look for the perfect job. They are looking for that Pot of Gold at the end of the rainbow. You can make any job your ideal jobAnd the problem is that they never find it.

Real Jobs are Never Perfect

Each job has some things that just aren’t ideal. These folks that want everything to be perfect end up being disgruntled when the job is not perfect. When they get disgruntled they become unmotivated and do mediocre work. People who do mediocre work don’t get promoted or recommended for better jobs by co-workers.

Most Good Jobs Never Hit the Want Ads

Most good jobs never make it to the want ads. Pharmacy is such a closed community that the first shot at the best jobs is usually based on a personal recommendation by a co-worker. The net result is that if you are looking for the perfect job you will more than likely damage your long term career success.

On the other hand, if you treat the job you have like it is the perfect job you will provide enthusiastic stellar performance. High achievers get recognized and rewarded with new and better opportunities. You simply don’t know where your career is going to take you so stop trying to plan it all  out.

If you are an active, engaged, enthusiastic teammate you will have great career even if you work for some crappy employers along the way.

If you are a disengaged grump you will always be stuck working for the worst employers.

This is not to say that you should tolerate working for a dishonest and unethical employer. There is simply a right way and a wrong way to behave.

If you are accepting someone’s paycheck then you need to follow their rules. If you think their rules are unacceptable then go find another job. But don’t take someone’s paycheck and then do mediocre work. Giving a weak effort becomes a habit, habits dictate your actions, and your actions define your character. Don’t tarnish your reputation by doing a mediocre job.

So stop looking for the perfect job and treat your current job as if it already is. Your boss will be happier and you career will be a lot more enjoyable.