The Nine Essential Skills For Professional Business Success

Professional Business Skills But Only the Good Stuff

There is lots of stuff floating around in the ether about how to run a business. There is very little content that is focused on making this easy to understand. Have you ever read a business book or article and said, Now what do I do?  The biggest hurdle to success is overcoming the fear of getting started. beginners spend way to much time thinking and analyzing and not enough time doing.  The absolute most critical key to success is to move from a culture of analyzing to a culture of acting and learning from your mistakes.

Successful people start doing and figure it out as they go along. Unsuccessful people usually try to impose their wrong thinking idea on the marketplace and end up failing. But most people who “want” to start a business and haven’t done it yet are stuck somewhere in the quagmire of , “I am afraid to try because I might screw up.” Successful people are not smarter or more talented than you they just know the secret.

Success requires action. Action will lead to mistakes. Mistakes properly handled fuel improvement.

Whether you want to become your own boss, or learn to be a better boss for someone else the required skills are the same.  You must learn how to:

  1. Manage and Lead people effectively
  2. Develop a robust value strategy
  3. And continually improve your processes.

At the end of the day you own your ability to earn income. Whether you want to use your talents to develop your own business plan or simply maximize your talents to energize your career you need to learn to create value properly.

With all the business stuff that exists on the internet it makes perfect sense to ask why you should believe me rather than some other blogger person.

The answer again is very simple. I am a real person with a long history of success. You can Google me and find out that I have not made up my resume. I am not some youngster restating something I learned in a book or class, I have learned what I know on the front lines of real businesses. I don’t need your money to feed my family so while I want you to succeed I don’t need to sell you anything to eat. And more importantly I speak clearly, plainly and simply and provide you with easy to use frameworks rather than overly intricate theories that are too complicated to use.

Separate the Good Stuff from the Bad Stuff9 essential business skills required to succeed

And my goal is to separate the bad stuff which is that stuff that will mislead you and cause you harm, from the good stuff which is that stuff that will build long term value.

Here is the essential Good Stuff  that  I aim to share with you through this Blog.

The Good Stuff That I Know  and You Need to Know.

 The overarching theme for this blog is the creation of value. The precept is that value is the endpoint of a value creation process that must be managed. In order to manage this process you must develop certain core skills. These core skills are listed below.

1              Basic Accounting Skills ( Managing Numbers)

2              Basic Finance Skills (Managing Finances)

3              Economic Skills (Managing Decisions)

4              Human Resource Management Skills ( Managing People)

5              Marketing Skills ( Managing Income)

6              Operations Management Skills (Managing Processes)

7              Business Planning Skills (Managing the Future)

8              Value Strategy Skills (Managing Value)

9             Problem Solving Skills (Managing Problems)

A entrepreneur might reasonably say, I don’t want to be an accountant or a budget director or a human resources manager I want to turn my big idea in to a business..

But here is the problem.

Regardless of your political stripe the reality is that there are business rules that simply can’t be ignored. Money works a certain way, credit works a certain way and personnel produce predictable issues. As an owner or manager if you don’t understand the basics of accounting and finance you will be left out of the discussion. if you are left out of the discussion then you are putting your career at risk. When it comes down to making decisions about outsourcing downsizing or department elimination the ability to make a strong cogent argument focused at least in part on the numbers is going to be critical.

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  • This is a great article. You touched on the basic issues in running a successful business.

    As a pharmacist, my business training was limited and many facts were missing. Many of my colleagues experience the same calamity for learning the hard way. When a pharmacist has basic business knowledge he has a greater chance of succeeding in business. I share similar view to yours. I also blog on where I share my opinion about running a successful and profitable pharmacy business