The Three Kinds of People in the World

Three Kinds of People

Here’s the formula I use.

There are only three kinds of people in the world.

1. Good People

2. Bad people

3. People who have not developed yet

Good people wake up every day and try to do good things.

Sometimes good people do bad things but most of the time they are  trying to do good things.

Bad people wake up every day with bad intent.

They are looking to do bad things. Sometimes bad people do good things but most of the time they are trying and seeking to do bad things.

Young people, who have not developed their full character yet, can lean one direction or the other but they still have the capacity to grow and change and become good.

So what are good things versus bad things?

Again this is pretty simple, being honest, ethical and trustworthy is a good thing. Treating people respectfully and compassionately is a good thing.

Hurting people, stealing stuff, lying, cheating , being unethical and taking what doesn’t belong to you is a bad thing

The key to success in business is:

Hire Good people, get rid of bad people and give the young people a chance to prove which path they have chosen.

Great businesses hire Good people and give them the freedom to excel.

Our national prosperity is based on good people.

It is not based on whiners trying to get something for doing nothing, it should not cater to bad people.

Race , color , creed, gender, sexuality and political party are all irrelevant distractors.

Good people come in all shapes and sizes.

Teach your young people the important link between economic freedom and real freedom it starts with being a good person.