The Real Problem

What is the difference between a bitter disillusioned pharmacist and a happy energetic one?

Isn’t that a great question? Isn’t it really THE question? Because ultimately wouldn’t every pharmacist prefer to be happy and energetic rather than tired, bitter and disillusioned?disillusioned pharmacist

Well there is one cure for all your ills and it is very simply NET PROFIT. If you are making enough money to secure your future, have the things you want to have and build a thriving business with engaged employees, wouldn’t life be a lot more satisfying?

Unfortunately most pharmacists suffer from a deficiency in one of three areas.

  1. They don’t understand how to build a high functioning team.

  2. They don’t understand the five fundamentals of a sound business.

  3. And they have no idea how to attract and retain highly profitable customers.

The business fundamentals are not rocket science.

It is not even that hard. There are hundreds of great independent pharmacies growing and prospering right now because they understand this stuff. Unfortunately there are thousands of pharmacies where the owner is frustrated and overworked because they have never been taught the right way to run a pharmacy.

Sales and Profits Cure all Ills

I took a small 1000 square foot pharmacy that was doing about 1.6 million dollars in sales and had 5 employees when I bought it and grew that business to over 10 million dollars in annual sales and 50 employees in ten years. And we had a Rite-Aid, a Von’s Grocery store pharmacy and a Walgreens within 200 yards of our store.

Did it take a lot of work, clearly yes. Did I do everything right, just as clearly no. But here is the opportunity for you.  I developed a business value strategy that works, I developed marketing plans that work, I developed management strategies that work and you can learn them from me for a fraction what is cost me to learn them.

Are you happy with the performance of your team and your P&L? If yes, awesome shoot me a note because I would like to interview you for the blog so you can share your success with other owners.

Are you unsatisfied with the performance of your business? If so, take a few minutes to develop a list of the top three things you wish you were doing better. Then either send me the list or call me so we can discuss some potential solutions.

So stop agonizing and take the first step towards solving your real problem. Do this right now.

List your top three problems that are causing your grief.

Send me an email with your list. No salesman will call. You won’t get spammed with a bunch of follow up emails. I will simply read what you have and email you some solutions if I can help.

In my 38+ years in Community Pharmacy Management I have seen just about everything you can imagine and some things you wouldn’t believe. I’ve lived through Pharmacist Strikes, Rodney King Riots, Employee Theft,  having a gun stuck in my face and having the State Billing Computer cancel my provider number by mistake. As Forrest Gump would say, Stuff happens.  If you need anything get in touch.

So give me a call if you need some help. 800-597-5979

Greg L. Alston is an author, educator, pharmacist and entrepreneur with 35+ years of experience as a drugstore operator and owner. He helps pharmacists to develop and implement value strategies that will generate new revenue, cut expenses, increase profits and build equity while making pharmacy enjoyable again.